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My mother loved to take me, as a teenager, with her when she went thrift-shopping, because she knew if there was anything good there, I would find it.

In my twenties, I decided to turn my talent into a business, and began to sell vintage clothing and furniture at flea markets and antique shows. This naturally began to expand to accessories and jewelry, always my passion. I soon realized that jewelry was much easier to carry and more fun than my other inventory, so in time I pared down to just jewelry.

In 1992 when I was doing an antique show at the Northgate Mall, I saw a vacant storefront. I asked the mall to rent it to me for the Christmas season. They agreed. The rent was what seemed to me at the time to be an astronomical amount, and I had hives the day we opened. When I made the rent the first day, the hives disappeared.

The season was successful, but when mall management told me that the rent would be the same year-round, I declined and returned to the antique shows. When the same storefront was still vacant in October 1993, I asked to do the Christmas season again as a temporary tenant. They agreed. By January, I had enough confidence to sign a 5-year lease and do a complete remodel to the space that became ALANA-Antique & Estate Jewelry.

From the beginning, almost 25 years ago, we have enjoyed the position of #1 sales per sq.ft. at Northgate Mall. I am immensely proud of my beloved daughter/partner Heather and my wonderful staff, to whom I attribute much of my success.

What a privilege it is to work at something I love so much, and to have my heart still beat faster when I buy such works of art.

Heather, GG

General Manager

My mom used to drag me to flea markets and antique shows. I had to help set up, which included arranging the jewelry in the cases. That was fun, but what I really loved was selling the jewelry. Uniting someone with just the right piece of jewelry was great!

I still love it just as much 30+ years later and am so proud of how far ALANA has come.

Other interests: spending time with my loving family, spiritually edifying conversation with friends, and hiking with my Italian greyhounds, Denmark and Sophie.


sales manager

I was born and raised in Seattle, and my love of jewelry has been as far back as I can remember. Every week I would beg my mother to let me look in her jewelry box and she would always tell me the history and facts of each piece. I always had something going on to further my jewelry knowledge, and in 1982 I met Alana while doing an antique show in the mall, and loved the pieces she offered. So, in 1992 I was thrilled to see her storefront in Northgate Mall, never thinking I would someday work for her! I started in 1998 and its more than my pleasure to be involved in your jewelry memories, as I have watched many couples and families grow. What a great career!


office & website manager

I first started at ALANA in 1999 and took a 5 year break after marrying the man of my dreams and having a charming (& very energetic) son. I came back to my jewelry passion in 2008 and continue my certification as a gemologist.

You'll often see me behind the counter with my nose glued to the computer, busy getting jewelry into the showcases for all to enjoy. However, I'm never too busy to share my love for jewelry art with you.


showcase designer

For almost 20 years, our window displays and store have benefited from the amazing creativity of Cynthia's display work.


sales associate

I have always had a passion for antique and estate jewelry, and working at ALANA has been a facinating journey. Learning about unique and exquisite pieces in the store has been so much fun, and helping our customers fine the piece of their dreams is an honor and a privilege.


sales associate

I was born in Italy. My husband and I moved to the United States over 40 years ago. We lived in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for about 20 years and I have enjoyed working at ALANA Antique & Estate jewelry for over 15 years.

I look forward to:

Darvil il benvenuto!
Sie willkommen!
Vous dire bon Jour!
Welcoming you to our lovely store!


sales associate

I was born and raised in Washington, and grew up always liking jewelry and anything to do with fashion. I had never gained much of a knowledge of antique and fine jewelry before coming to ALANA. When I reached a point of looking for a new job, ALANA jewelry appealed to me because of the genuinely kind people here and beautiful atmosphere. As my knowledge has grown, so has my appreciation for these unique items we are privileged to still get to see and work with. I am so grateful to get to be around this type of workmanship and history every week. I have very easily fallen in love with antique jewelry and this store!


layaway manager


social media agent

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